Donations to Doctors Without Borders

David Jeffery Designs is proud to partner with World Wings International to support their mission to contribute to Médecins Sans Frontiéres / Doctors Without Borders by funding their efforts to provide lifesaving medical care where it's needed most in underserved nations around the globe. David Jeffery Designs will donate 20% of all retail sales to support this mission. 100% of all amounts collected are given to Doctors Without Borders on behalf of World Wings International.

 World Wings InternationalWith a long history of philanthropic work, Pan Am employees have been helping those less fortunate for decades. World Wings International, Inc., the 501 (C) (3) organization of former Pan Am Flight Attendants, has faithfully carried on that global legacy for 61 years.

Currently, we operate 4 international chapters and 25 domestic ones, each of whom supports their choice of community needs, plus, all members lend their considerable support to Médecins Sans Frontiéres / Doctors Without Borders. Pan Am bravely pioneered international aviation to exciting cosmopolitan cities as well as to remote corners of the globe, promoting tourism and economic development. In doing so, our multi-national crews personally witnessed abject poverty in many areas. Working Flight Attendants would often fill their suitcases with non-perishable foods and articles of clothing to distribute amongst impoverished people. Both working and retired Flight Attendants have, and still do, participate in volunteering with the Dooley Foundation, Gallaudet University, CARE, and countless diverse local charities with hands-on involvement – all at their own expense, all on their own time. Over the years, World Wings has given millions upon millions of dollars to educate, conduct research, treat, feed and otherwise provide a hand-up by wholly funding numerous projects involving women, children, families, and veterans.

World Wings is proud to partner with David Jeffery Designs to support our mission to contribute to Doctors Without Borders.  David Jeffery Designs will donate 20% of all retail sales to our charity. The membership of World Wings wishes to extend our gratitude to everyone purchasing the beautiful products from David Jeffery Designs. Your acquisition of a purse, shawl, or other lovely items results in providing needed funding for Doctors Without Borders as they perform preventive and critical medical services. Thank you!